Dead in Duluth

The Drive Home
Episode 2 - The gang drives up the hill to the home of Declan.

Declan, The Butcher, Jennifer, Crystal, and Joe are escorted to an abandoned clothing store were a medic tends to their wounds. Inside the converted medical building are 3 other survivors. A man on a stretcher and 2 others wearing football jersies. The men in jersies are soon recognized as Brian Fusco and Jerome Jackson (J-Jax), both players of the Minnesota Vikings football team. They are in town to sign autographs. No one seems to care, as no one is a football fan.

Meanwhile, a squad of Duluth police officers and National Guard members enter the Alworth Building and search the first couple levels for survivors. Two survivors are found. Jack Hill, an 80 year old ex personal trainer and Rick Winters, an ex special forces member. Officer Tyrell Johnson escorts them both to the medical building where J-Jax is introducing himself to The Butcher.

As Officer Tyrel and the others enter the building, Brian Fusco, who is slumped against the wall, begins to spasm and soon rises as a zombie and runs toward Jack Hill. Officer Tyrell pulls his gun and fires on the zombie, striking him square in the chest. The zombie falls to the ground but continues to move, clawing toward Jack, but The Butcher and J-Jax run up and quickly finish the thing with a shotgun blast and a blow to the head with a folded chair by J-Jax.

The national guard members take a look at the rest of the survivors, including several other people who are also bit (The Butcher with 4 bites himself) and quickly decide to bail, leaving the survivors to fend for themselves. They decide on a plan to get everyone into Officer Tyrell’s squad car and Rick’s truck and drive up the hill to Declan’s house to gather supplies and get his home made 2 passenger helicopter. Rick and The Butcher have apartments near his house so they can get supplies there too.

Officer Tyrell gets into his car first, trying to lure as many zombies away as he can, but he manages to crash into a parking meter on the way out and damages his car. Luckily the damage wasn’t too great and he is able to lure all but 2 zombies away, which the others are quickly able to finish. As everyone piles into the truck, The Butcher looks back and sees a bloody faced man in a leather jacket coming out of the Alworth building. Its the crazy man he beat to unconsciousness in the elevator! The man point a finger at The Butcher and shouts, “You have something of mine Butcher!”

Everyone quickly piles into the truck and takes off, but the man fires a few rounds at them as they go. Jennifer is hit and slumps over and Declan gets a lucky shot to the mans foot, destroying his foot and knocking the man down.

The man in a stretcher then tells them all that his name is Devin Cruz and he is a doctor. He takes one look at Jennifer and knows she is dead. Declan quickly dumps her body into the street as they drive away.

After a few close calls, dodging people and crazy driving cars, the survivors make their way to Declan’s house. His neighbor runs out demanding they help her save “her baby.” The Butcher, J-Jax, and Officer Tyrell go to the woman’s house to help while the others gather supplies.

Inside the woman’s building they find two zombies on the first floor. They kill the zombies, but The Butcher is bit on the chest in the process.

Continuing upstairs they kill 2 more zombies before the woman runs into a closet to get “her baby” which turns out to be just a cat. The survivors are mad, especially The Butcher who got bit saving a stupid cat. He starts screaming at her and throwing stuff and breaking things in her house. She quickly runs outside with her cat before he can hurt her.

They grab a couple knives for weapons and meet at Declan’s house where he is planing to take his helicopter to scout out the police station.

It begins...
Episode 1 (Decklend and The Butcher)

The radio and TV stations mentioned a possible terrorist attack in downtown Duluth. Strange, and a little disturbing, but people still have to work.

The butcher arrived at work and was informed that the delivery man and another butcher were both sick, so he would have to make a delivery of fine meats to the Jewelry Barn in the Alworth building.

Decklend was given a check for a down payment to fix a car, so he was also on his way to the Alworth building to visit the bank.

There were police and national guard members seen outside the Alworth building, since it was only a few blocks out of the quarantine zone, but the butcher and Decklend entered the building without any difficulty and entered the elevator.

A disheveled looking man entered the elevator at the last moment, joining the butcher, Decklend, Crystal Sharp, and Jennifer Jacobson. The elevator started to rise. That’s when the power went out and the elevator stopped.

Decklend managed to pull out the lights and wriggle his way through the escape hatch. As he was trying to open the door to the 3rd level, the disheveled man was recognized by Jennifer Jacobson in the elevator and they began to shout at each other. He reached for his duffel bag and began pulling out a shotgun, but the butcher pummeled him in his face until he fell unconscious, his face a bloody mess.

Decklend turned around to see a zombie approaching. Shouting for help, he managed to manouver the body over to the escape hatch and the butcher blew its head apart with the shotgun. Unfortunately the mechanic was bitten during the fight.

Having seen many zombie movies, Decklend briefly considered jumping off the elevator to his death, but instead decided to wait it out and hope the bite wouldn’t kill him.

With Crystal Sharp holding the flashlight for them, the butcher and Decklend led the way through the zombie infested hallway and into the stairwell beyond. Unfortunately the butcher was bit multiple times.

They found a man in a suit sneaking around (Joe Cambell) and helped him to join them. They all headed into the stairwell and down to the ground floor.

Opening the stairwell door everyone was disappointed to see the entryway was littered with corpses and zombies. Jennifer Jacobson had the idea to flash the flashlight outside to try to get the attention of the national guard outside. It worked and the guard provided cover fire as everyone ran outside.

The National guard congratulated them on their resourcefulness and brought them to a clothing store that had been recommissioned as a medical tent to tend their wounds.

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